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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 30, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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we will see you there. we have a lot to talk about. thank you for tuning in have a great night. lou: good evening the president today gives us speech to blame republicans for the committed terry crisis on our southern border. president obama actually insisted that republicans pass the senate amnesty bill or he would act alone and immigration. the president neglected to acknowledge that it has been his rhetoric on illegal immigration and his refusal to secure our border with mexico that has led to what he calls a humanitarian crisis. his declaration in support has caused great confusion for many central american
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people. with tens of thousands of children on an 1800-mile journey to the border which they crossed the hell with impunity. here is the president in the rose garden today effectively declaring immigration reform to be dead and demanded congress abandoned concerns to pass sun's bill that he so decides either way this president will go alone. >> those in the house to argue he cannot act because i use my executive action to broadly but only when we have a serious problem or a serious issue and congress chooses to do nothing. >> the failure of house republicans to pass a bill is bad for security and economy and future.
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so while i will continue to push house republicans i hope their constituents will to comment today i am beginning a new effort to catholics as much as i can on my own. without congress. lou: also the supreme court issued another ruling once again the nation's top court sided with hobby lobby that business does the house to provide contraception for female employees if it violates their religious beliefs. the spokesman called on congress to do what the president insists and this time pass another law make contraception mandate that the supreme court may one day except. >> we believe because of the supreme court decision today that congress should act to
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address the women affected by this decision. lou: we will be talking with fox news senior judicial analysts about the latest loss at the supreme court. the islamic state of iraq changes its name to simply the islamic state while cleaning a caliphate as a baldness since another 200 troops to baghdad and no one true ally in the east israeli prime minister netanyahu you claiming support for the independent kurdish state for requests ambassador joins us tonight joining us on the consequences of those decisions in moments we begin with obama this decision to ignore immigration law as well as
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the critical setback to the health care law joining us tonight andrew napolitano. good to have you. this decision is a failure for the administration and again that what is the fact on women across the country? >> it is profound. this basically says if the owners of an entity believe that providing contraceptive or abortion services for employees they don't have to do it. sole proprietorships, partnerships , a closely held corporations, nonprofits. those entities combined are more than 90 percent of all america. so where will the money come from to pay for these services? that number is so large it
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will require congressional appropriation that will not come from the republican controlled house so the president has made a mess to promise women he but compel employers to provide this and the supreme court said you simply cannot do it. lou: and the definition of the closely held business enterprise. this will also work in another way? because the money individually is so small just $10 a month most will not be so concerned about that unless they have a true bonafide religious objections. >> the first obstacle that justice alito addressed in his opinion with a five / four majority is a corporation a person doesn't have rights in the supreme
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court has already answered that with citizens united but he reinforce that it does decision in today with respect to mom-and-pop big family-owned corporations that are referred to in the law as the alter ego of the person. this is not general motors or a corporation publicly traded wall owners know each other to make decisions jointly because they generally agree. lou: turning to the humanitarian crisis that is of the president's own making it takes the question among the government's with the government of mexico for those children to 1800 miles
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to the united states. what was the obama administration is role in that? to have congress do exactly what he said but even at that point he makes it clear he will not enforce the securities. >> the president took analysts that is so important the framers eroded down that he will faithfully enforced the law and you have to if you agree with it for not if you don't like enforcing laws did you should not be in the white house in my opinion with the president said today they are bringing him dangerously close to the concept of impeachment because he's basically saying i will not
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enforce the laws you have written, congress lsi agree with them. the law is there he began the process to send them home and don't tell them what hoops they can jump through to a filleted deportation that is the opposite to tell people how to get away with breaking it and when you do that more people come over the border it is a crisis of the president's making he is making it sound like it is congress's fault. lou: ended could lead to a crisis for this president? >> i think so because as some point the republicans in the house have to initiate impeachment they have had enough of him say i will run the government my way even though the constitution says congress writes the laws not the president. >> fin mid term elections become more important with any president there is a possibility there is a
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republican controlled senate. >> there is a probability that after what the president has received from the supreme court. lou: general motors today announced another recall. this time it involves 7.6 million vehicles in the united states the years 1997 through 2014 almost 8 million cars ranging from ignition switch issues oldsmobile, pontiac grand am and the cadillac to ruth electrical issues and the latest recall brings general motors total recall to more
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than 28 million vehicles this year. imagine that. 28 million. gm stock briefly halted today earlier announcing it will alter the amount it will pay the victims in that pavements will start at $1 million per victim and obama formally nominating a procter and gamble ceo to take over as the next federal is a fair secretary graduating from west point served in the army for five years that rose to the rank of captain but the nomination is still on orthodox because the job of the v.a. secretary has been filled by medical professionals are retired generals over the most recent years. we will be right back. stay with us.
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lou: isil no more now to be known as the islamic state christopher hill joins us christopher hill joins us next. when folks think about what they get from alaska, christopher hill joins us next. they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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lou: the obama administration notified congress is another 200 military personnel to baghdad bringing the total number of but 800 of iraqi forces trying to retake the city from fees isil after they demanded caliphate all muslims declare allegiance to their leader. for more on the crisis in iraq in the u.s. response at
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this point i am joined by christopher hill former ambassador to iraq good to have you with us. as expected now we're up to 800 troops and where are we headed do you think? >> the u.s. troops are to help plot the evacuation of the embassy but i think the u.s. troops is the amount that will not be decisive to help the iraqi forces but it speaks to the fact the administration does not want to be en or about this is a real problem with policy. lou: don't we look a bit like the full because the
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experts have just arrived in iraq to support those rushes jetfighters ever just sent iraqi forces supplanted as well by syrian forces from the all aside regime as well as the force. this is starting to look as if we are the subservient to agent in all of it. >> it is clear it is not sure how to handle this undoubtedly there are divisions of people who do not want to touch this or we ought to be more forceful but others to worry about the declaration of the caliphate it is a foreign policy team that has trouble
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to come together and that is the case for some time now in the obama administration and. >> there is a hard time believing the intelligence or understanding the intelligence in a significant way to allow them to marshall some sort of response because this administration has been flatfooted on every major foreign policy development over the last couple of>> you hy insurrection commandeered by real extremist even by al qaeda as standards but they're concerned about me when dash be more involved because the entire arab middle east so it balances that with statements we have
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to get rid of maliki. he came to the election pretty strong and and tell you can get behind another candidate and apparently there is no other one at this point i suspect he will not get a third term but it clearly is the set of issues making it difficult to to make decisions when the russians get their airplanes and they're we look like we are a little slow. lou: and madani avenue saying he supports the kurdish state. your reaction to that development? >> yes the kurds understand their love to have an internationally recognized independence day but for what is important to them is not getting the netanyahu
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endorsement but united states they don't feel they have that's a you will see the kurds moving with caution may be not taking his advice in this regard. lou: we will watch it carefully. the libyan bin suspected of being the ringleader of the terrorist attack pleaded not guilty this past saturday during a brief appearance in washington d.c. federal court before that he spent a week and a half on the west they were shepard he was questioned by an fbi investigator then read his miranda rights but the chairman of the house intelligence committee says that was not sufficient time >> you cannot say you will do it in 10 days or seven days you have to gather intelligence that he has he isn't affiliated with
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algeria that is affiliated with al qaeda if he does not give us anything within but have we accomplished? been he was told he'd fire is compliant but not cooperative during his interviews. u.s. marines killed in mexico has a court hearing last week resigned to the possibility the legal process could take six months. the sergeant has been stuck in a mexican jail for 91 days without a single word from the president of the united states. time to look at the online poll results do you find it becoming for president to wine about his detractors and excuse his failures? 89 percent said no. do believe it is even possible to secure our borders with the obama in
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office? cast your vote at their >>, which facebook can you stand? outrage after conducted a social experiment by leading the privacy of hundreds of thousands of users that many of those probably don't know any better and my commentary of the apathy of most facebook users. next.
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lou: coming up tonight the supreme court rejects a key provision the preserves religious freedom to make catholics rejoice. a brand new book by the wall street journal jason robert reilly makes the case liberals are holding back african-americans and tells us why. a few thoughts on facebook and the rights of privacy. mark zuckerberg is the practitioner of the surreptitious that is the
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verge of the evening does the sound as sinister as the actual meaning which means to act in this secretive for clinton stein manner. again in the midst of a controversy for treating users we used to call them customers when they were respected as a test subject in his winter of land for privacy a systole and his pleasure. is surreptitiously conducted a massive psychological experiment and do the 700,000 users for one week in 2012 the social the work manipulated the news feeds to determine whether positive or negative content would affect the updates the results were predictable there is a correlation
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between negative and positive messages through a user and what they sent to others. how about that researchers from facebook thereby concluded social media networks render people foldable to contagion and also turns out that people don't like to be treated like lab rats even if they behave with in "the social network" and they don't like to be experimented upon especially without their consent. there is the rub the response? is simply apply all users will take on a pejorative connotation have agreed to the data use policy which reads in part, user data may be used for testing and research. this is hardly the first
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time privacy advocates have complained about the intrusion of their users into 2007 it came under fire for watching the ad initiative to track what users purchased on the web to turn this into ads that pop up on the news feed in 2009 is settled with the ftc overcharges better change privacy settings about warnings toeshoes hours and last year outrage over the amount of data and that facebook turned over to the nsa. the larger question is why is there so much apathetic acceptance of a powerful corporation? why are there no competitors with technological and social power our users behaving as the source did
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in the 12th century? facebook has over 1.2 billion active users of a catholic church has been remembers in china barely has more people but technology and social power gives its dominance to render individuals we users but their virtual 20 for century analog and worse the serbs seem content. we will be right back. jon peters says immigration legislation is dead. obama blas republicans as if he had nothing to do with the humanitarian crisis on our southern border.
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lou: this weekend one of violence, in chicago. one person was killed at least 35 others wounded. in shootings in the city, in new york city, a rash of shootings left 4 people dead, 17 others wounded. and in new orleans, police are searchining for for two men who exchangeed gunfire on but orb -- bourbon street, 9 bystanders were shot. joining us now, the a-team, judy miller, dr. johnson, good of you to be here. let's start with president, and his immigration speech today. judy, what did you think? >> i thought it was very passionate for the president. i thought it was kind of the only thing he could do, but i
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noticed high doubled down on a course of action that supreme court has problems with. i don't know how this will play politically. lou: your thoughts? >> this was the -- i will turn this car around -- moment, he was dad in chief could lectures comment electiontures everyone, i think he made one solid points regardless of disagreement or distrust between this president and republicans in congress something has to be done about this crisis, finger pointing is not necessarily helpful, but we need to do something about these kids at border. lou: you say between republicans and congress, that fits the template that president is urgeing but the reality is his approval rateing is so low now he has brought in independence and democrats that are now against him.
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he was being disengin disjen yo. >> these was being nice to mr. boehner. i think that there is a problem on the border most americans know that i think he is counting on the fact that americans will say, let's just solve this problem. lou: you know, i've heard this nonsense, if i may say, for now 9 years. the republicans and democrats had a chance in both the senate and the house, jason, to have resolved this in 2006 and 2007, because of senate would not go half way and meet those who want border security -- boarder second soak we have a situation that confronts us all, border security i've been using this to express what i think it practical view. a nation can nat refor cannot rm
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immigration laws if it is not control immigration, it cannot control immigration, if it cannot control its borders, it is this trait forward. >> i agree apply concern with border, it gets contemplateed not only a political issue o bua racial issue, it is a national issue. there are terrorists who want to kill us. we get caught up in particular constituent groups who' new voters and racist politicians who want to cause dog whist this is a security issue. ask anyone liveing on borders in arizona, california and texas, the drugs cartels, one day terrorists could get through if we do not do something about the
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border. lou: those states, in addition of new mexico they are being overrun by you know reports about towns bankrupted as they deal with sheer numbers of people crossing illegally, president will not even discuss putting border patrol on the border. his administration has pulled the border patrol from the border and moved them to desks and put them in position of observers or distant observers rather than secures border, would you like to see the president change that. >> i think he did that today, he said he will take resources from the inside could send them to border. you may see some unilateral action, that a lot of people in both parties may not like. lou: turn to supreme court
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decision today, this was a body blow to the administration on obamacare. and the contraception mandate. >> it can be, i think it was a body blow to the american people, we can talk about contraception, and obamacare, what concerns me is any time our government increasing person hoohoodof corporation, this doet have a face, it continues to diminishs power of people who go to work every day, that is my concern, you can't have a company liable in one way but other ways enforce a particular religion. >> all of the american people? you are not being broad on that. >> no, i think saying, any citizen who is concerned about their right.
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plenty of people who believe in god, who don't like the idea that a corporation has to be a reflection of your boss' belief system, this is find that people who run hobby lobby if they don't like contr contraception,y don't have to like anybody, spend money on it but a business has to run. lou: i think jason just eliminateed the not for profit, and very idea there should be a tax e exemption of any thing. >> he is not, you are having fun with him lou. lou: i am. >> i agree with jason, i believe this giving of corporations as people is dangerous, when are they doing mary next? -- marrynext, if we give them right.
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lou: they do that all of the time. >> true, but if we do this, fine, let's put gm in jail for 13 people they killed. down this road, goes a whole set of problem i don't think that people are thinking about. lou: you think of perhaps it may be a term are artifice to artful this idea of citizenship, and personhood for corporation. lou: all right, judy miller, jason johnson thank you. you. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, do you believe it is possible to secure our borders over next 2 1/2 years, of the obama administration? shovote at forbeing naming beyonce as most powerful celebrity of the year. snatching top spot from oprah winfrey.
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with earnings over 1550 million, and lebron james, dr. dre, oprah and ellen degeneres. up next, supreme court hands catholics a victory. >> catholic lead president bill dodonohue, my next we're moving our company to new york state. the numbers are impressive. over 400,000 new private sector jobs... making new york state number two in the nation in new private sector job creation... with 10 regional development strategies to fit your business needs. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york... with the state creating dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. become the next business to discover the new new york. [ male announcer ] see if your business qualifies. [ female announcer ] we love our smartphones. and now telcos using hp big data solutions
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lou: on wall street stocks closing out second quarter mixed, dow down 25, s&p down a fraction, nasdaq down 10, volume 3 billion shares but it was a super month for stocksing all three indexing moving higher. >> joining me now president of catholic lead bill do donohue. great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: you is there more spring in your step. >> i would like to pop this
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champagne but i don't trust this administration, i want more rights. i have never seen a dang that is less dodg administration that is religion friendly than thi obama administration. we need to keep on winning, and obamacare is implodeing now. lou: i think that you have a good case to make. justice aleta wrote protecting free exercise rightss of corporation like hobby lobby protects religious liberty of unions who own and control those companies, i was talking with jason and judy there was concern by both idea that a person rights are a scribeed to a corporation. you -- >> i am not particularly.
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they make legitimate points. fact is, the supreme court today ruled on ey a law, religious frm restoration act passed in '93, if parade of horribles was going to happen, we would have known it by now 92 isn' 92 sudden. kristine: isn't realy -- >> centuryality this goes to a small group, that goes to the prescriptions. how many times does a taxpayer have to pay for conpresenttion through welfare, and various programs, all levels, state, and federal, i mean, the needy are being provided for one would
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think that $10 contraception would be available to everyone, not as i anyone is being denied. >> i checked oed on internet, yu can get birth control for the piece of a dvd, what is really on the table is abortion, not contraception, ehe ethat is what bothers me, they could have settle for contra sevtion, contraception, obama administration wants the nose of the camel in the tent. he wants freedom of choice act that would force catholic hospitals to perform abortions, he lost today of, i am delighted 92 pope franci92.lou: pope frann criticizeed he has been so
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stride epbtstrident on issue of, some saying he is a marxist, saying that communist have stolen the flag of the church. >> the communist have done a very good job of saying they save the poor they have punished them much like president obama and de blasio. lou: transformers scored biggest debut of the year. brought in $100 million for paramount. sony's 22 jump street maintaining second place, fox's thousand train your dragon 2 came in third. up next. in brand-new book, stop helping us, "wall street journal" editorial board member, jason
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riley said liberals are making it harder for many a african-americans to succeed, he is my guest here next.
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lou: the issue of poverty, is as old as the country or older than that really, a topic that our founding fathers struggled with, our quote of the evening from benjamin franklin, i am for doing good to the poor but i differ in opinion about the means, i think that best way of doing things to the poor is go
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not making them easy in poverty but leaveed or driving them out of it. >> my next guest, author of please stop helping us, jason riley. great to see you. >> thank you. lou: congratulation on the book. >> thank you. lou: you note in book, that this administration is pushing a lot of legislation that directly relates to african-americans. not doing so helpfully. >> no, and it is a long tradition starting with i say lindh don'lyndon johnson great y program there is only so much government can do, that is the theme of this book. i argue that blacks, must help themselves, develop a habit, and behaviors that other groups developed to rise in america, to
10:53 pm
extent a government policy however well intentioned ed interferes with that self development can do more harm than good. lou: i want to share this quickly with audience on black unemployment. compared over all rate. male youth, across the country 14.51 one%. one% -- 14.1%, black unemployment is 25.2. male, adjusted, 6.4%. black 12.2%. these have been stubbornly per sive stan ratios over the course of last half century, despite war on poverty. >> yeah, that is -- if you go back to prior to interventions of the great society to address this issue, you see better outcomess in the
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labor force in 30s and 40s and 50s, black labor participation rates were higher than white participation rates in some years according to census, we had more parody than today. lou: you will would like to see this president anything president anything government, both partys do what? to respond -- >> more about what i would like to see them stop doing. minimum wage, i most people who are poor already make more, core households need workers, the problem is not people with jobs it is no job. but minimum wage laws price people out of labor force, reduce jobs availability that does not aleft quite poverty -- alleviate poverty. lou: in.
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aunemployment rate high, whyis d think he would have an impull impulse given his racial make up, why withk he not understand that jobs have to be created to rising tides with all boats, this nonsense. >> he is a politician first, and a democrat, democrat has fighty to the labor unions. his party needs to funding them, you see president sides with labor on minimal wage laws, and sides with labor on against walmart, building a store in a depressed neighborhood that could used jobs, liberals would rather, that blacks in those neighborhoods be unemployed, it is shameful. lou: please stol helping us --
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stop helping us, jason riley's cry, thank you. >> thank you. lou: time for your comments. >> diane tweeted, u.s. foreign policy has gone crazy, now is not the time to put advisors in iraq. >> and a sign of insanity to do the same thing over, and over and expect different results, here we go again, picking sides in the middle east. >> a free copy of my new novel will be shipped to the arthurs of tonighty comments, as they always on. you can go to our facebook page with links to everything at
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neil: what if i told you that maria berra is not calling shots at gm, talking to fienberg today, i am believing to think he is. i am neil cavuto. ken has final word on them. not mary, ken decides who is eligible for those payoffs, not mary, ken has more sway over gm's finances right about now than mary. there is no cap on these individual settlement


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